Honor your yoni!


You can’t make this stuff up!

From Tribe de Mama:

Yoni. An all encompassing name for our sacred portal. Vagina, clit, labia, lips, g spot, womb…

A portal of power & wisdom. We are here to help one another birth a new way of being. A new way of honoring. We must take the time to honour our temples, our yoni’s, this sacred portal. A space from which we can tap into our innate power as women.

Really? Really??!!

I nominate this for most nonsense ever squeezed into the space of one paragraph:

[pullquote align=”right” color=”#A76678″]Embrace it, the hair, smell, touch, taste, all of it. Celebrate it in your own unique way![/pullquote]

When we honor our bodies & our wombs we attract lovers who honour us as well on this journey through our awakenings. May we be unafraid of our own power, our own bodies. May we bask in the radiance & pleasure that we so rightly deserve as women in this lifetime. May we heal it for ourselves, for our families, our partners, sisters, children, for the earth. Let us take back & realize our own power.

But what if you don’t feel comfortable with your yoni?

Are there past hurts that have happened? Have you not honoured your body the way you so rightly deserve? Allow the questions to come, allow the answers. Hold space for your own feelings & past experiences. Allow them to come up & know that you are safe.We must heal our womb to allow for the love to pour through us. It is there waiting to heal. Our yoni’s deserve our utmost respect, awe & admiration.

How should you honor your own yoni?

– Yoni Steams
– Giving your moon blood back to the earth
– Using cloths pads, organic cotton, or menstrual cups (Our yoni’s are so sensitive & need to be honoured by anything that touches them)
– Yoni egg
– Gentle & natural products when bathing.
– Not allowing entrance or penetration until you are fully aroused & engorged
– Yoni massage
– Place your hand lovingly there & just allow gratitude for it.
– Embrace it, the hair, smell, touch, taste, all of it. Celebrate it in your own unique way!

Thanks, but no thanks. I live in the 21 Century where a woman’s power is not located in her vagina, but in her mind, her character and her actions.