Just what we need, Onision mansplainin’ breastfeeding to us womenfolk


Don’t you just love it when men “mansplain” breastfeeding to women?

What is “mansplaining”?

According to Urban Dictionary, it’s:

… explanations delivered with rock solid confidence of rightness and that slimy certainty that of course he is right, because he is the man in this conversation.

Consider these gems from YouTube “entertainer” Greg Jackson, also known as Onision.


Why don’t all moms breastfeed their babies? Your breasts are literally designed to feed them. What are you a moron?


How could you have two tits hanging from your chest most of your life and not know what they’re meant for?

Formula moms: Failed parents.


“Formula costs so much, why are babies so expensive?” Hey, genius, you got two sacks of free milk hanging from your chest. Use them.

What is it about some men that makes them think they have the right to tell women when and how to use their body parts?

Is their arrogance a testosterone problem, a stupidity problem … or both?

What makes Greg think he knows ANYTHING about breastfeeding? Let me guess: He saw one woman breastfeed and he thinks that makes him an expert, not merely capable of shooting his mouth off as if he knows what he’s talking about, but compelled to be obnoxious because he knows better than women what is good for them and for their children.

The idea that women’s bodies are their own to control is apparently a concept too sophisticated for him to understand, so let’s make it easy for him:

Don’t tell women what to do with their ovaries.

Don’t tell them what to do with their uteri.

Don’t tell them what to do with their vaginas.

And don’t tell them what to do with their breasts.

Worry about your own body parts, Greg, and we’ll worry about ours. Women don’t need breastfeeding mansplained to them and certainly not by you.