Is there anyone who has less insight into her own actions than Modern Alternative Mama?


Hilarious! You cannot make this stuff up!

If it’s possible for a person to have so little insight into her own actions that it can be measured in negative increments, Katie Tietje, Modern Alternative Mama, shows how it’s done.

[pullquote align=”right” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]I can’t parody Modern Alternative Mama; she is a parody.[/pullquote]

I can’t parody Tietje; she is a parody.

I’ll let her flay herself with her own words from today’s post, laughably titled Being “Semi-Crunchy” Doesn’t Make You Special:

I’ll admit, this post is born of frustration. But, with good reason, I think.

…[T]his is about a certain group of moms, moms who would probably describe themselves as “semi-crunchy,” who actually go around bragging about how smart they are because they’re crunchy…ish. That is, they embrace some aspects of crunchy, but they’re also “smart enough” to trust the mainstream, or scientists, on certain topics. They’re condescending about how this makes them better than all those too-crunchy, natural-or-bust moms (which is how they perceive us).

That. That condescending, “I know better than you stupid natural mamas” is what drives me insane.

So says Tietje, whose entire blog is a momument to unjustified condescension!

Being “Semi-Crunchy” Doesn’t Make You Special

As I said, whatever works for them. Cool

But, semi-crunchy mamas? You’re not special.

Pro tip for Katie. Prefacing withering remarks with “whatever works for you is cool” does not change their ugly intent.

What is Katie really irked about?

…[T]he woman doesn’t actually come right out and say, you’re a bad parent and your choice was stupid. But it’s pretty clearly implied.

Pot meet kettle!

…[I]t’s pretty crappy to brag about how great you are because you did something “normal” or “typical.”

Don’t you understand: only Katie and her buddies are allowed to brag about how great they are!

But wait!

Support other mamas. They don’t have to think like you, or make the same choices you do. That’s okay. Stop thinking they are uninformed, uneducated, ignorant, or bad people. Stop saying that they are, either directly or indirectly. Just trust that all mamas love their babies, many choices are okay, and everyone is doing the best they can.

English to English translation:

Don’t criticize ME. I don’t have to think like you, or make the same choices you do. Stop saying I’m uninformed, uneducated, ignorant, or bad. Stop criticizing ME, either directly or indirectly. I love my babies, my choices are okay, and I’m doing the best I can.

No, Katie, you’re not doing the best you can for your children. You’re doing the best you can for enriching YOURSELF. Your website, YOUR BUSINESS, doesn’t miss a monetization trick. You spew misinformation for PROFIT. You hide behind pious bleating when it suits you, but you are about as condescending as any human being could be with the added drawback that you are utterly, blissfully ignorant in regard to nearly every issue you tackle, whether it is vaccines, homebirth or diet.

Being crunchy doesn’t make you special, Katie Tietje; it marks you as gullible.

Running a crunchy website doesn’t make you special, either. It just marks you as a parasite, profiting by disseminating potentially deadly nonsense.