Soliciting nominations for the Golden Boob Awards


The shaming of mothers who don’t breastfeed has got to stop. Maybe, it’s time to shame the shamers.

I hereby solicit nominations for a new set of awards, the Golden Boob Awards!

I’m envisioning awards in several categories:

Most outrageous breastfeeding “fact” (amateur)
Most outrageous breastfeeding “fact” (professional)
Most vicious attempt at shaming (amateur)
Most vicious attempt at shaming (professional)
Grand Prize for most despicable claim (both amateurs and professionals are eligible)

The winner of the Grand Prize will receive the tasteful statuette shown above, (available from Amazon UK as a party decoration for bachelor and bachelorette parties).

Please share your suggestions for nominees along with the statement or statements that you think qualify them for this prestigious award. Screen caps would be deeply appreciated.

In my view, the shamers, both amateur and professionals, truly are boobs and their contributions to breastfeeding discourse ought to be honored appropriately!