Are you a denialemming?


Do you tell yourself you and your friends are the only ones who see the lies?

Do you mock those who believe in expertise or follow the mainstream media?

Do you deride as “sheeple” those who respect authority?

Have you failed to notice you are being led over a cliff?

The joke’s on you!

You are a denialemming … so busy reassuring yourself of your insight and independence that you have utterly failed to notice you are docilely being led over a cliff.

If it weren’t so tragic it would be hilarious! You have become everything you claim to despise: gullible, biddable, tractable. Why? Because you have failed to see the big picture.

The big picture is not, as you have been told, that educated elites are misleading you. The big picture — which you could see if only you had a modicum of intelligence and awareness — is that no one attempts to subvert trust in authority figures unless planning to supplant it with their own authority for their OWN benefit, NOT your benefit.

But what about the conspiracies, the elite efforts to fool you about vaccines, climate change, COVID and the presidential election? Those are figments of your imagination. There IS a conspiracy, though, but it’s a conspiracy to manipulate denialemmings like YOU. You haven’t protected yourself from THAT conspiracy; you haven’t even merely fallen for it; you have happily jumped over the cliff to your own destruction.

COVID is the paradigmatic example.

COVID has always been deadly, easily transmissible but impeded by simple public health measures like masks. Yet Trump lied about it and you — gullible fool that you are — believed him. You took power away from doctors and scientists and handed it to Republican politicians.

The result? Millions were sickened and hundreds of thousands died while denialemmings pretended otherwise. Refusing a mask didn’t mark you as “free”; it branded you as easily manipulated and mind bogglingly stupid.

Climate change is similar. The planet is warming rapidly due to human beings and the deleterious results are already being felt. Yet Big Business and the politicians in their pay lie about it and you — gullible fool that you are — believe them. You take power over your life and health away from scientists who care about you and give it to business and politicians who care only about themselves. Denying climate change doesn’t mark you as clever; it brands you as easily manipulated and pathetically naive.

Make no mistake: COVID denial, climate denial and election denial ARE conspiracies about power and money. But they’re not about the power and money of experts but rather the power and money of politicians, quacks and charlatans.

Sadly, denialemmings like you haven’t got a clue. You are so busy laughing at the “sheeple” that you have failed to notice that you are being manipulated right over a cliff.