Instead of Birth Without Fear, how about Birth Without Death?

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I wonder how many women have been supported and encouraged by homebirth websites to risk their babies’ lives at homebirth and then have those babies die.

Here’s one mother:

March 1, 2013:

I love my intuition to find a midwife and I love the fact I have the strength to attempt a home vba2c …

June 19, 2013:

I’m having a vba2c in nov with a homebirth midwife, I must say I trust my midwife with my entire soul, the amount of knowledge and experience a good midwife has is far far far more superior to an obgyn , since the obgyn is a sergeon [sic] they will of corse be more comfortable to reccomend such intervention. Your body can do it …

The picture of the dead baby on Stillbirthday:

My sweet son who left the body during labor , I miss him with my every breath …

The obituary.

The desperate attempt at rationalization:

I would like to heal from (emotionally/physically) _____________ (regarding pregnancy/birth/motherhood).

Losing my son (3rd child) at 43 weeks during labor , was attempting a home birth vba2c , his passing was NOT due to me attempting a vaginal birth or a home birth , in fact when we attempt to have our 4th child I will be going for a vba3c, I am so supported through this by the women in my local homebirth group , it has allowed me to see the sun in the storm, I have started a charity in my sons name to help women get a doula or midwife when they would not be able to afford their services other wise.

Instead of worrying about whether their babies are naturally born, or born without fear, homebirth advocates should concentrate on whether their babies are born alive. Then maybe they will be born alive.


Addendum: If that were not horrifying enough, the “healing” thread from Birth Without Fear contains yet another homebirth death that occurred only a few weeks before. His mother wrote:

I would like to heal from (emotionally/physically) _____________ (regarding pregnancy/birth/motherhood).

Emotionally from the death of my son at two days old (7 weeks ago). After a perfect pregnancy and labor, my son was born and didn’t breathe unexpectedly. He lived two days on life support, and then died in my arms when we let him go…

Apparently this was just another casualty of midwives’ efforts to bring third world causes of death to the first world. Just another homebirth baby who was “fine” right up until it dropped nearly dead into the hands of the clueless midwife … just like the other 18 homebirth babies I have written about in the past 3 years who died in the same way.

According to the midwife’s website:

Perfect pregnancy
Perfect parents
Perfectly loved
Perfectly wrong that you are gone so soon

And perfectly unnecessary. When will these women stop worrying about their “experience” and start worrying about whether their babies will live or die?