The birth was the most beautiful, intense experience; too bad the baby died

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It’s very early in the year, and I’ve already heard about two homebirth deaths. The latest was revealed on Reddit:

… active labor was the most beautiful intense experience – the baby had perfect heart fetal tones until crowning where hft dropped to 70 -born unresponsive with heart rate of 90 -3 tears, 8 stitches, 1 of them 2nd degree -child died at hospital

It wasn’t a beautiful experience for the baby, who was dying for minutes or perhaps hours before birth. The baby apparently succumbed to that strange homebirth epidemic that never occurs in the hospital: the baby with “perfect heart tones” who unexpectedly falls nearly dead into the clueless midwife’s hands.

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That’s 17 times in the past 3 years alone that a baby unexpectedly dropped into a homebirth midwife’s hands either dead or nearly so. I have never seen this happen in a hospital. I have never even heard of this happening in a hospital.

What is the mother in the latest homebirth horror story upset about in the wake of her baby’s death?

I was also transported to hospital where I receive two unnecessary pelvic exams

The mother had appeared on Reddit several months before to wail about the “culture of pain” surrounding childbirth:

FTM here looking to have a med free home birth, utilizing visualization, deep breathing and meditation techniques.

I understand this experience is going to be intense, I understand that I have no concept of this experience because I have never gone through it. However, I do not understand why people want to push how much pain I’m going to be in. I’m doing my best I be polite. Explain while intensity will be involved prior events in my life have shown me the amount if pain I feel does seem to be connected to my state of mind. Fear–> anxiety–> tension–> pain DO seem to be correlated. Relaxing ones mind has helped “deal” with things.


This may be my only time I experience this. It’s a thing so intense I could die ( not that I plan to) , and I will be a gateway for a tiny human to enter into the physical plane after having grown inside me from a seed, I’m totally looking forward to this!

As she had hoped, she found labor to be a beautiful, intense experience. Too bad the baby died so she could have that experience.