Top 10 posts of 2014


These are the top ten most read posts of the year on The Skeptical OB.

The topics vary widely from Rhogam to vaginal tears, from stories of babies who died unnecesarily at homebirth to the hideous statistics of homebirth deaths in the US, from the ridiculous to the sublime.

Without further ado, here they are:

10. What is Rhogam?

9. Hold the guilt! New study finds benefits of breastfeeding dramatically overstated.

8. Jan Tritten crowd sources a life or death decision and the baby ends up dead

7. In memory of a baby boy who did not have to die

6. Vaginal weight lifting

5. Six red flags you need to recognize to quack-proof yourself

4. The best method for getting pregnant? Have sex.

3. Baby Jacob: a victim of the 39 week rule

2. Vaginal tears

1. Homebirth midwives reveal death rate 450% higher than hospital birth, announce that it shows homebirth is safe

My personal favorite post of the year is: Dr. Amy’s Plan for a safe, sane, satisfying birth.

What was your favorite?