Have natural health advocates ever been right about anything?


Anti-vaccinationists have a perfect record. In the 200+ years since vaccine rejection came into being (shortly after vaccines came into being) they have been wrong about 100% of their claims.

Pretty impressive, no? Yet, there are still vaccine rejectionists despite the fact that their all time batting average is zero.

That got me thinking. Have advocates of alternative health ever been right about anything?

I’m not referring to whether individuals believe that a particular method of alternative health, like homeopathy or chiropractic cured their cancer. I’m looking for examples where alternative health advocates proposed a new treatment for a specific disease or disability and scientific evidence ultimately vindicated their claims. Or they offered specific claims of harm for a specific vaccine or medication and scientific evidence was found that substantiates it.

I can think of one minor example. Natural childbirth advocates oppose pretty much all obstetric interventions on the grounds that they are ineffective or harmful. It turns out that they were right about episiotomies, a procedure designed to prevent vaginal tears that may actually increase them.

But there must be other examples somewhere, right?

Help me out. If you can think of any alternative health “treatment” that has ever been demonstrated to actually work, please let me know.