Possibly the vilest anti-vax rant ever

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I can tell you that anti-vaxxers are profoundly ignorant conspiracy theorists, but it is far more powerful to illustrate it with the idiocy spewed from an anti-vaxxer herself.

This comes from the crowd of cretins on the Mothering.com Vaccinations Board. In response to a request for more information about the polio outbreak among children in war-zone in Syria, MaggieLC has this to say:

I don’t know how accurate the reports are, that much paralysis sounds really high! It takes months or a year for the original symptoms and inflammation of Polio to calm and at least a year to know if a child will be paralyzed. (My dad had Polio in the 1940s, absolutely no paralysis, no iron lung, no lasting effects, but was in bed for around 6 months so our family is quite familiar with it.) Of course in the majority of cases, Polio presents as a really bad upper respiratory infection (it’s how my dad’s and everybody elses in the 1930s and 40s started) and never goes beyond a respiratory infection so MANY cases go undiagnosed.

Really? Thousands of paralyzed victims of polio, including President Franklin Roosevelt, would disagree.

Basic ignorance; nothing special there. But then comes the kicker:

Also, these camps are not clean, people are packed in together and human waste is flowing through the streets, AND SO they use Oral Polio Vaccine which is ALIVE and is excreted in the stool for up to 6 months after vaccination! Using LIVE polio vaccine will only INCREASE polio rates in the area because anyone who is exposed to the stool of children who are getting the vaccine are being exposed to LIVE POLIO. Why would they do this? A ploy to “show how dangerous it is not to be vaccinated?” Sounds like the intentional exacerbation of events…

You heard it; UNICEF is deliberately causing polio in Syrian children to demonstrate how dangerous it is not be vaccinated!

Who is this clown, anyway? As it happens, she is the lactation consultant who cheerfully advises lying to her clients about vaccination status. I thought that was the vilest anti-vax garbage that I had ever read, but in just a few weeks MaggieLC has managed to surpass herself with what may be the vilest anti-vax rant ever.

What motivates absurd conspiracy theories like this? Cognitive dissonance. The reality, apparently unacceptable to MaggieLC, is that reduced rates of vaccination have led to a polio outbreak.

The World Health Organization has declared a polio emergency in Syria.

After being free of the crippling disease for more than a decade, Syria 10 confirmed cases of polio in October. Now the outbreak has grown to 17 confirmed cases, the WHO last week. And the virus has spread to four cities, including a war-torn suburb near the capital of Damascus. According to NPR:

The Syrian government has pledged to immunize all Syrian children under age 5. But wartime politics is getting in the way. And the outbreak is expected to grow…

Most cases have occurred in children less than 2 years old, who were born in Syria after the war started and missed their routine vaccinations, he says.

But, but, but MaggieLC “knows” that the fact that polio has nearly disappeared and the polio vaccine had nothing to do with it. How can she reconcile that with what is actually happening? By resorting to inane conspiracy theories, of course:

Read the information. Polio Is mild disease 99 per cent of the time. People with low immunity have been known to GET Polio and die from coming in contact with the feces of pp who have been recently given the oral vaccine.

Do you think biological warfare is not being practiced? …

So there you have it, folks. UNICEF is practicing biological warfare on little Syrian children by giving them an oral vaccine that will deliberately spread the disease, and resulting paralysis, not prevent it.

That’s crazy even in the crazy world of Mothering.com. When others demanded evidence for her vile accusation, MaggieLC had this to say:

Don’t tell me what to do.


She blocked the questioners so she could pretend they don’t exist.

When you are a vaccine rejectionist reality is such a bummer!