What kind of mother claims she “rocked” a birth that nearly killed her baby?

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I don’t get it.

I am a mother of four grown children. Their health and safety is so precious to me that I am still kicking myself about the time that I leaned into the backseat to place one of my sons in his carseat and bumped him against the door, cutting him next to his eye. He recovered in moments; I haven’t forgotten in 25 years.

Therefore, I am aghast at the revolting narcissism that leads a mother to proclaim that she “rocked” a birth that nearly killed her baby.

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…I totally rocked by HBAC with my cesarean baby by my side and then about an hour later, my new love began having breathing issues. He has meconium aspiration syndrome and we have been admitted to the nicu. We are likely to be here for a week or more so he can fully recover…

I will share the birth story once we’re home again. It was so amazing and empowering!

Really? REALLY??!! Ashley dares to boast that the birth was empowering when it left her baby like this:

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What’s next, Ashley? You “rocked” your drive to the store even though you accidentally backed over your baby?

Unfortunately, Ashley is not alone in her nauseating selfishness and self-absorption.

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Meconium has always been a hobby of mine to research, given my son’s birth … My son’s speech issues, muscle tone have always made me wonder which came first, chicken or egg … I was shocked at how many kids with sensory issues had problems with nursing or early speech but had meconium issues in common.


With my vbac last July my little guy also had meconium aspiration syndrom. He spent the first 8 days of his life in the nicu as well… He also had shoulder dystocia and he required full resuscitation.


This is what happened to me in Jan. My hbac went perfect, but little man had breathing issue because of meconium, so to the NICU we went for 5 days…


I had my second HBA2C in birth pool on March 24. He aspirated fluid when he was born and we spent his first 4 weeks in the NICU…

And let’s not forget the midwife boasting about how she handled the birth:

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A hypoxic event in utero, Charlie Rae? Ya think? How is it that you had no idea of the hypoxic event until after he was born? It was your responsibility to prevent it.

What is wrong with these women? Who thinks that a baby so sick that he needs to spend days or weeks in the NICU is a reasonable price to pay for a vaginal birth? Only a selfish, self-absorbed narcissist who looks at the world through her vagina, that’s who.