Vote YES on SB277: if anti-vaxxers are allowed to avoid vaccines, the rest of us should be allowed to avoid anti-vaxxers

Yes SB277

Anti-vaxxers, help me out here. There’s something I don’t understand.

You have been aggressively campaigning against California Senate Bill 277 introduced in the wake of the Disneyland measles outbreak. SB277 would do away with personal vaccine exemptions, meaning that all children would be required to be fully vaccinated in order to go to public or private schools. The only exemptions allowed would be medical exemptions for allergy to vaccine ingredients or history of a serious adverse reaction to vaccines.

According to the website No on SB277:

Those children who are not completely up-to-date on every state mandated vaccine will be denied a public education ” SB 277 impacts children in private or public elementary or secondary school, child care center, day nursery, nursery school, family day care home, or development center.” SB 277, would eliminate a parent’s right to exempt their children from one, some, or all vaccines, a risk-laden medical procedure…

There’s even a handy little image to put the point across:

Risk choice

Or as the website insists:

Where there is a risk of injury or death, no matter how small the perceived risk may be, there must be a choice.

That’s pretty straightforward and easy to understand, but here’s the part I don’t understand (stick with me here, because this is intellectually tricky):

If you believe that you should be able to avoid vaccinating your children because you consider vaccines dangerous, shouldn’t everyone else in California be able avoid your unvaccinated children because they consider them dangerous?

Children who haven’t been vaccinated pose a risk because they can carry and spread vaccine preventable diseases. How big a risk? That doesn’t matter, right? It doesn’t matter how small the perceived risk may be, there must be a choice.

Shouldn’t you be voting FOR SB277?

When it passes, you will be able to exercise your right to protect your children from vaccines no matter how small the perceived risk may be and everyone else will be able to exercise their right to ban your children from schools no matter how small the perceived risk may be. Everyone will be happy!

Wait, what? You disagree??

Since education is compulsory, opting for no schooling will not be an option.

Duh! That’s the whole point of SB277. Since education is compulsory, despite the fact that your children pose a health threat to the majority of children, their parents are forced to expose them to the threat.

According to you and your anti-vax compatriots:

Risk choice

If there’s a risk, there must be a choice!

Your children pose a risk, and the rest of us have made our choice: you can’t send them to school unless they are fully vaccinated!

That’s why we (and you!) should be encouraging a YES vote on SB277.

Anything else would be astounding hypocrisy on your part, right?